Our Market is Open with Covid-19 Precautions


                       DAILY CATCH COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS  


The Daily Catch has always followed the highest standard of hygienic practices in the handling, storage and display of our fish and other food products.  We have proactively implemented additional hygienic safeguards in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Our paramount objective is the health and safety of our customers and staff, and the well-being of our precious Local and Global communities.

Fish In Store

At our flagship seafood market conveniently located in Vancouver B.C. at 1418 Commercial Drive (between Grant and Kitchener):

  • we only permit 3 customers into our market at any given time, with distinctive floor markers to make it easy to comply with social distancing 
  • only suppliers and employees have access to our seafood, including our frozen products.  If you would like something from our freezer, we will happily grab it for you!
  • we have enhanced our in-store sanitization steps, including routinely performing a deep clean.  We have changed our daily operating hours to allow for additional cleaning. 
  • our team understands and follows the guidelines of the   CDC and other public health experts, including frequent washing and sanitization of their hands and the use of clean disposable gloves with each customer

Fish On Line 

We offer several Contactless Delivery Options: Curbside Pick-up at Store, No contact local delivery throughout Vancouver, delivery by Uber Eats, and Canada Post or UPS for shipments that are going farther afield.   

Thank you so much for your continued support.  Please take care!

Ryan + Bobby,    Daily Catch Owners, Sustainable Fishmongers and Responsible Citizens