How Our Shipping Works

Shipping FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ship seafood?

Yes, you can ship seafood. We can ship any of our items via UPS or Canada Post to anywhere in Canada

What sets us apart from everyone else?

We ship 100% sustainable seafood, hand picked and cut by Canadian fish mongers. We ship fresh fish (when available, which is most of the time) to your front door. Your Seafood arrives ice cold as if you bought it at a seafood market that day!

How long does it take?

All of our products are shipped using Canada Post or UPS and will arrive between 1-2 business days. Packages can sometimes be delayed up to 3 business days in travel, so we take this into account and use packing techniques that will have your product remain fresh for up to 72 hours.

When do I need to place my order?

As long as you place your order by 12pm PST, we can ship it out the same day (assuming we have all of the products you selected). If your order is placed after 12pm there is still a chance we will ship it out the same day, if not, it will be shipped the following morning.  You can also select a future ship date.

*We do not ship seafood on Statutory Holidays, Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays. Orders placed on these days will be filled on the next available shipping date.

What if my package is delayed or incorrect?

Everything is guaranteed 100% to your satisfaction or your money back. Nobody does customer service better than we do. If you have issues with a shipment please send us an email:

How long will the fish last after I receive it?

When you receive your package open it and decide what you are going to eat in the next couple days and put it in the refrigerator. Everything you are not going to eat should be put into a freezer. Most of our products are shipped in Vacuum sealed bags which are freezer friendly. Seafood can remain frozen for months.